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Welcome to Jeeves!

pip install 'jeeves-shell[all]'
poetry add --group dev --extras=all jeeves-shell
import rich
import sh

def hi():
    """Hello world."""
    user_name = sh.whoami()
    machine = sh.uname('-a')

    rich.print(f'Hello [b]{user_name}[/b]!')
    rich.print(f'This code is running on: [b]{machine}[/b].')
ls j hi Hello john-connor! This code is running on: Cyberdyne T800!


  • Build custom shell commands

    …to build, compile, lint, format, test, deploy, and πŸš€ otherwise propel your project.

  • make β†’ j

    Single entry point to all your custom commands.

  • Makefile β†’

    Write your workflows @ Python programming language.

  • Based on Typer

    Brings documentation, arguments, options, validation & more.


  • Batteries

    Execute shell commands & format output.

    sh & rich

  • Plugins

    Share your setup among projects.


See The tutorial for details 😼

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