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Your new jeeves-super-plugin

  • Create a Python 3.10+ virtual env for your new plugin project
  • pip install -U pip poetry
  • poetry init
  • poetry add jeeves-shell --extras=all
  • Write into pyproject.toml:
super-plugin = "jeeves_super_plugin:app"
  • Create your Typer instance:
import typer

app = typer.Typer(no_args_is_help=True)

def hi(name: str):
    """Greet the user."""

def bye():
    """Bid farewell."""
  • poetry install
  • j super-plugin

You should see hi and bye as available commands.

Special plugin name: __root__

__root__ = "jeeves_super_plugin:app"

This will mean that your plugin replaces the default root Jeeves app, and your commands will be available as

  • j hi instead of j super-plugin hi
  • j bye instead of j super-plugin bye.

This is useful for plugins like jeeves-yeti-pyproject, to make the commands you very often use, like lint, faster to type.